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on 19/05/18, 12:13 am
We glad to announce our OFFICIAL LAUNCH will be held as follow :

19th May 2018
09:00 am (+8 gmt)

Update that we have done for OFFICIAL LAUNCH :

Functionality :

√ Enable multi-leveling
√ Unlimited use of Magnifier using zeny (same like Fly Wing)
√ Add Butterfly Wing, Fly Wing and Magnifier for starting point
√ Potion heal by %
√ No autoloot for those idle more than 10mins
√ Disable using Death Branch in all area except DB Room
√ Disable vending at all town except Prontera
√ Enable Bulk Buyer Shop
√ Add onn MvP Badge drop from all MvP (100% rate)
√ Update map for Izlude

Event :

√ Add onn Event Site at Custom Warper
√ Transfer Disguise NPC from Quest Site to Event Site
√ Devil Square instance

Quest :

√ Replace new NPC Hunting Quest
√ Add onn Headgear items at Quest Coin Shop
√ Middle Gear Quest


√ Stylist NPC
√ Dead Branch Room NPC
√ Add onn Soul Linker Buff, Equipment Repair and ViP Buff at Healer NPC
√ Add onn Acid Bomb Box, Glistening Coat and Bulk Buyer Shop License at Uni-X Coin Shop
√ Add onn MvP Badge Shop
√ Add onn ViP 7 Days Box and Pet Lucky Box at MvP Badge Shop
√ Weapon Dealer at Main Town (Scythero)
√ Armor Dealer at Main Town (Scythero)

ViP :

√ Put ViP Pass in Box
√ ViP 30 Days Box and ViP 7 Days Box
√ ViP 7 Days Box can be get from MvP Badge Shop
√ Replace ViP NPC
√ Can Buy ViP 1 day or 3 Days at ViP NPC (using Cash Point)
√ Add onn Special Buff for ViP (Duration 1 hours)

Special :

√ Guild Package (follow Uni-X RO rules and condition)
√ Custom Box 1 as a freebies (per account)


√ Ketupat Exchange Event
√ Raya Event

We hope too see you guys there.
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