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on 16/05/18, 12:09 am

Update that we have done for OFFICIAL LAUNCH :

Functionality :

√ Enable multi-leveling
√ Unlimited use of Magnifier using zeny (same like Fly Wing)
√ Add Butterfly Wing, Fly Wing and Magnifier for starting point
√ Potion heal by %
√ No autoloot for those idle more than 10mins
√ Disable using Death Branch in all area except DB Room
√ Disable vending at all town except Prontera
√ Enable Bulk Buyer Shop
√ Add onn MvP Badge drop from all MvP (100% rate)
√ Update map for Izlude

Event :

√ Add onn Event Site at Custom Warper
√ Transfer Disguise NPC from Quest Site to Event Site
√ Devil Square instance

Quest :

√ Replace new NPC Hunting Quest
√ Add onn Headgear items at Quest Coin Shop
× Middle Gear Quest (still in progress)


√ Stylist NPC
√ Dead Branch Room NPC
√ Add onn Soul Linker Buff, Equipment Repair and ViP Buff at Healer NPC
√ Add onn Acid Bomb Box, Glistening Coat and Bulk Buyer Shop License at Uni-X Coin Shop
√ Add onn MvP Badge Shop
√ Add onn ViP 7 Days Box and Pet Lucky Box at MvP Badge Shop
√ Weapon Dealer at Main Town (Scythero)
√ Armor Dealer at Main Town (Scythero)

ViP :

√ Put ViP Pass in Box
√ ViP 30 Days Box and ViP 7 Days Box
√ ViP 7 Days Box can be get from MvP Badge Shop
√ Replace ViP NPC
√ Can Buy ViP 1 day or 3 Days at ViP NPC (using Cash Point)
√ Add onn Special Buff for ViP (Duration 1 hours)

Special :

√ Guild Package (follow Uni-X RO rules and condition)
√ Custom Box 1 as a freebies (per account)

Currently we still working on Middle Gear Quest. Once done, we will announce our Official Launch date. So keep in touch guys. There will be lot of event waiting for you.

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