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on 16/05/18, 09:27 pm
When you become our VIP, you will get advantages in our server.
You can choose VIP for 30 days, 7 days, 3 days or 24 hours.
For VIP 30 days, you can buy VIP 30 DAYS BOX at CASH SHOP.
For VIP 7 days, you can buy VIP 7 DAYS BOX at MVP BADGE SHOP.
For VIP 3 days and 24 hours, you can buy at VIP REGISTER NPC.


  • Can use SPECIAL WARPER service, can select any level of dungeon you want to go
  • Access for VIP SHOP (Can buy all CASH SHOP item via zeny)
  • Can use VIP BUFF


Cash Shop

Badge Shop

VIP Register - Option for 1 Day and 3 Days
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